What is it?

You know that thing

That springs up and floats upon the notes of a song, syncing itself to the pattern of every dip, twirl and step.

Crashing to the floor with a rattling shriek in moments of grief,
All while you remain silently seated.

Every so often you feel it bend within you,
Reach right out and touch
What you can barely see.
That indefinable thing.
Yet I feel it and you and I are the same
So you must feel it too?

Tiny electric pulses folding, subsiding and growing into volcanic rushes.
Let it tear away your skin
and reveal the racing cells underneath.
Let it escape and return
With secrets that you have never heard
about people that do not exist.

You know it?
What’s it called?
A soul? A ghost? A myth?
It never gave me a name.

Should I ask it?




Genital Genocide

The Dazzling Whore stands before them; wrists bloodied and bound by rope.
With drunken vision and blistering bare feet
She Dances
for her sins; vanity and lust.

Vase-shaped hips Rock and Sway; Rock and Sway.

Out from her cotton hammock,  
black arrows appear.
They retreat in shame-



And grow.

Raging heat stings the narrow wood.
Click on click,
The flaming soil ignites the army’s rise.
They soar
And hit the tonsil-targets.

The shackling words fall before their feet; dead and depleted.







Poem 1.1

Eviction Notice

Tiny Trespasser,
Squatter of the soul.
I wish to say “Goodbye!” now.
I thought I’d let you know.

You steal the precious mud,
You stain the soft peach walls,
You rearrange the furniture,
Caveat Emptor.

The fridge weeps, the kettle shrieks.
You will choke on the porridge, you will drown in the bed.
Do not live here, listen
To what I have said.

I need you to leave now.
But the judge says no.
Notice is essential.

Nine months, then you’ll go.

Poem 1.0 

Stressful Slumber 

Little Luna dances freely across the stage,
The man above claps and sends her back to her cage.

Happy, happy dancing child entertain me
Do not cry, and do not try to flee.

Submit to gaze, submit to grope.                                                                                                   Flail about in search of hope.

Run along now, do not fret!
This face of mine you’ll soon forget.